Dr.'P' - Prakasam

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Dr Gnanagurudasan Prakasam and his wife who is a pediatrician in Roseville, CA Dr. Eswari Prakasam

Gnanagurudasan Prakasam MD MRCP MHA, or Dr. "P"  is the founder and President of our center. He is board certified in Pediatrics from India, United Kingdom and the US and also board certified in American Board Certified Pediatric Endocrinology. In addition he has a Masters in Health Administration from University of Southern California. Dr. Prakasam has distinguished medical education from all over the world. Along with practicing medicine, he is very involved in research in finding a cure for diabetes, type 2 diabetes in children, diabetes technologies and also in growth related hormones. Most recently, his interest is HAPPINESS and disease management

He has been invited to speak all over the world. He is also the Director of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes at the Children's Center at Sutter Medical Center, Past President of Northern California Chapter of American Diabetes Association and a current board member of American Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  He was also a past board member of 
American Heart Association.

He has been actively involved in many social projects locally, regionally and globally. His areas of interest involves happiness and disease managment telemedicine, e-health, global health care delivery, pediatric diabetes, growth disorders, growth hormone deficiency, puberty, hormonal imbalances especially related to adrenal gland and pituitary gland, thyroid disease and mineral disorders.

He has been an invited speaker both nationally and internationally with active participation in cutting edge research in endocrinology and diabetes

He also runs one of the biggest physician run support groups for diabetes and has a passion in enabling children and families to connect and be a part of this family to help each other.

Self Financial Disclosure*: Dr. Prakasam is a paid consultant/advisor/speaker/researcher to multiple national and international pharmaceutical and device manufacturing companies.

In his own words, "It is a privilege for me to take care of the children who come to see us in our center. Every child who comes to our center should be by choice and not because there is no other choice!"

Dr. Prakasam is from Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India - You can see the picture of Vellore Fort, the famous Jalakantaeswarer temple
This temple, built around 1550 A.D, is still a gem of late Vijayanagar architecture and is a popular place of worship. This ancient temple is named after Jalakanteswara, or “Lord Siva residing in the water.” Its pillared mandapam, famed for its sculptures is considered a masterpiece of it's time. This temple is located in the Vellore Fort, near the north wall of the fort.
and also Christian Medical College Hospital, one of the biggest in South Asia.

*Dr Prakasam is a legally paid consultant, speaker and researcher for many for profit companies in the field of endocrinology and diabetes
Dr.Prakasam continues to have the same relationship with many of the companies for several years.
Many of the drugs and devices that my patients are prescribed are made by those companies. However, Dr. Prakasam always believes in providing the best professional advice and care for his patients and the business relationship does not influence his prescribing decisions.
Dr. Prakasam believes in patients choices, formulary choices and cost for the payors and the patients when making medical decisions or suggestions. Many of the medicines and devices used in endocrinology do not have generic alternatives.
If you ever have any questions on Dr. Prakasam's business interests, do not hesitate to ask him as he feels it is a privilege families give him to take care of their loved ones.
Since he has a vast international and national experience along with his medical degrees from three continents and a Masters in Health Administration, it is natural that he is a sort-after consultant and speaker in the field of medicine. However, he has practiced medicine in the most ethical and honest way for over three decades just as his father advised him when he entered medical school in 1981.
Please check our patient reviews to know more about our care