Our Team

"We as a team strive to give you the best of experiences when you come to see our doctors. If you have any problems do not hesitate to contact me. Together we will work to make your visits to our office a pleasant experience for ALL of us"

Mila Melnik - Administrative and Clinical Lead

Nikki - New Patients and Referral Coordinator ext.2754
Karina - Receptionist ext.2765
Ketzalli- Receptionist ext.2764
Inna M- Medical Assistant ext. 2763
Ricardo - Medical Assistant ext.2753
Darian - Medical Assistant ext. 2752
Inna M - Authorization Coordinator ext. 2762
Tyann Patient Care Coordinator ext. 2767
Ivette - Patient Care Coordinator ext. 2768
Tiana- Patient Care Coordinator ext. 2766
Ryan - Billing Clerk ext. 2755
Natalie - Research Coordinator
Lilia - Research Assistant