Sarah Woods RN MSN CPNP

 Sarah Woods is a pediatric nurse practitioner who graduated from UCSF in 2018. She has had type 1 diabetes since 1995 and was seen as a patient at Dr. Prakasam's clinic from diagnosis. Since that time it has been her dream to provide compassionate care to children and families managing this relentless disease, she is thrilled to be providing that care at CEDE. 
     Before nursing school Sarah was involved in research at UCSF studying the effects of a behavioral intervention on depression and diabetes distress in teenagers with type 1. She led groups teaching teens stress management techniques and using cognitive behavioral therapy to reframe negative thought patterns. The connection between mental and physical health is a passion of hers and she believes addressing the psychosocial aspects of diabetes is just as important as addressing the blood sugar data. 
     She discovered the magic of Bearskin Meadows diabetes camp as an adult and has been excited to be a nurse there for the past few years. Teen camp is her favorite and she loves backpacking with teens, even with the 12am and 2am blood sugar checks. 
    In her spare time she loves working out, whether running, spinning, yoga or weight lifting and is on a forever quest to not get low during workouts. She also loves to bake and can carb count most baked goods on sight. Now that she's back in the Sacramento area she loves spending more time with her nieces and nephews and re-exploring the area with her husband. 

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