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Billing questions: Inna M at 916 570 2762

For all our Resources: Click the "more" tab on the home page

1. Visit the website and reading what is relevant. Please talk to us when you come to the office to activate access to your patient record through PATIENT FUSION.
2. Initial visit: make sure you go to the first visit page and download and complete relevant forms.
3. Pay your bills promptly. 
4. Come prepared with all relevant information & questions to help us to serve you better.
5. Click the resources tab on the main page to make best use of the website but for a quick browse just scroll down.
6. Contact information at bottom.

Thank you for choosing us to be your partner in healthcare.


FOR AFTER HOUR EMERGENCIES - Call the main number and follow instructions to page the on call provider
Medical Assistant direct line (916)570-2761
Authorization Coordinator's + Billing Clerk's line (916)570-2762
Appointment Confirmation/Cancellation Line: (916)570-2767 
Research Coordinator's direct line (916)570-2756
Growth Hormone Coordinator's direct line (916)570-2766
New Patients and Referral Coordinator's direct line (916)570-2768
Medical Records Line (916)570-2757

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