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Stress and Anxiety management

Hello Families:
This is Dr. Prakasam talking to each one of you.
The main areas to concentrate in diabetes management is not just diabetes but how you and your children cope up with diabetes.

Here are some self help tools for all of you

Hope they help!

Here are some ideas you might like to try for managing symptoms of depression. .
Mindfulness – through breathing or engaging the 5 senses
Distress Tolerance – Accepting Emotions and Self Soothing
Distraction – Put the thoughts/feelings aside and come back to them when you are ready to deal with them
Positive Affirmations – Have some affirmations written down repeat them to yourself daily
Sleep/Exercise/Diet – All 3 aspects of our lifestyle can impact the way we think/feel
Increasing Pleasurable Activities – Engage in at least one pleasurable activity per day
Meditate: At least for few minutes a day

Anxiety and Depression association of America: Tips and easy to use

Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Click to learn more to tackle

Diabetes Behavioral Management tools

Dealing with Childhood Depression : Your daily 15 minute help

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