NEW Type 1 Support

NEW Type 1 Support
What can we all do together to make this transition easier for those first few weeks?

While we are sorry that your child has been diagnosed with diabetes, we are eager to welcome you into our family.
1.              Call 916.426.1902 as soon as possible, during office hours, to make an appointment to see our providers within the first week of discharge.  Before your first visit, please download and complete the new-patient package and school forms from

2.              First few days: Every morning at 6:00, call us at 916.426.1902 and use the pager number on the answering machine to page the doctor. Be prepared to give us the previous 24 hours of blood sugars so that we can discuss insulin dose adjustments. 
3.              Remember you can call 916.426.1902, anytime 24/7, and then follow the prompts to page one of our providers, if you feel you need help. This is a free courtesy service to give you access and support; you will always speak to one of our providers and not to a third-party call service. During office hours, though, it is best to call the office.
4.              Keep a written record of your child’s blood sugars, insulin doses, and exercise in a logbook or journal. This will make it easier to learn how your child responds to day-to-day activities.
5.              Call your child’s school or daycare provider and find out what they will need to support your child in school. We will help you with a Diabetes Management Plan for the school nurse or daycare administrator during your first office visit
6.              Talk to the families of your child’s classmates, and in our Facebook community at
7. Learn about your support team of nurses, dietitians, and social workers—the PENS team.  Call them at   PENS Team phone numbers: 
PENS scheduling requests: 916 887 4865 & 916 887 4814
PENS clinical questions about diabetes and management: 916 887 4818
PENS Fax: 916 887 4822

SPANISH LINE TO CALL PENS team : Linea espaƱola 916 887 4965
and make an appointment. We will send an authorization for the PENS team to see you (with some insurance, getting the authorization might take a while). The PENS team provides ongoing education, resources, and support that are vital in helping your family learn and cope with the challenges that arise over time, and in keeping you current with the latest in technology and research.
8.              Call your insurance provider to find out the best way to get supplies (mail order vs. pharmacy). Keep track of changes in your insurance plans for preferred brands (their “formulary”).
9.              Our preferred mail-order pharmacy is MINI PHARMACY. Please call Juliana at 916.517.6089 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You can also call 888.545.6464 any day, or go online at
10.           Please take a look at the following websites:
·         Bookmark on all your computers and cellphones. Please take a moment to click on every tab there to familiarize yourself with the available resources, so you can go back to them when you need them again.
·         Bookmark and like New2diabetes
·         sackiddiabetes (diabetes page)
·         CEDE - Center of Excellence in Diabetes and Endocrinology (our office page)
·         Join sackid teen group (for teens and young adults and their families) and/or sackid little kids (for families of younger children)
·         Bookmark and share the playlist on our YouTube channel—easy understanding of type 1 journey—with your extended family. These are short videos but a very informative resource.
·         Learn about CCS—California Children's Services. Your child could be eligible for a special state program that would help you pay for their care until they reach age 21.
11.           Please feel free to give Dr. Prakasam and his staff suggestions to make the journey better until we find a cure.

EVERY APPOINTMENT IN FUTURE Let us make our appointment effective -
1.Please take a moment to review the ‘quick reminder’ sheet

Bring the complete name & address for your doctor & your insurance information
2.      Get the labs done
3.      Review numbers with your child
4.      Review and bring the current dose and or the pump setting
5.      Upload pump data in advance
6.      Call pharmacy and check on your supplies and ask them to send a request to the office for refill
7.      Bring a list of questions which you need answers for regarding the diabetes management
8.      School form if needed
9.      Review our research page and ask us if you like to participate in clinical research

With love, prayers, and hugs to your family,

Dr. Prakasam with the entire CEDE family (Dr Nadgir, Dr Skaria, Celina NP, Sarah Woods NP, Mila, Inna L, Inna M,Nikki, Darian, Tiana,Ricardo, Ketzalli, Ivette, Nelya, Karina, Ryan
along with  Research Coordinators (Natalie and Lilia)

PENS team (this link has pictures of our team and the direction to the PENS team location)  PENS Team phone numbers: 
PENS scheduling requests: 916 887 4865 & 916 887 4814
PENS clinical questions: 916 887 4818
PENS Fax: 916 887 4822


Pediatric Endocrine Nutrition TEAM (PENS Team) We work with the child with diabetes, their family and the pediatric endocrinologists to provide a comprehensive approach to diabetes management
1625 Stockton Blvd, Suite 112, Sacramento, CA 96816
 PENS Team phone numbers: 
PENS scheduling requests: 916 887 4865 & 916 887 4814
PENS clinical questions: 916 887 4818
PENS Fax: 916 887 4822

SUTTER MEDICAL CENTER - for all admissions

If your child needs admission, please get your directions below - depending on the instructions you will either go to the Emergency Room or the the Admitting Area in the hospital

Click on this link for visitors information :


Lot B - The entrance to Parking Lot B is located at 29th Street and Capitol Avenue, and Patient and Guest Parking spaces are located on the 2nd Level.
Lot B rate: $1/hour with an $8 daily maximum.
Lot C - We offer an additional parking option, Lot C, at the corner of 28th and N streets.
Lot C rate: $3/hour with an $15 daily maximum. Credit cards only.
Elevator Portals
The Anderson Lucchetti Women's & Children's Center is the main entrance to the Sutter Medical Center campus. Once inside visitors need to choose an elevator portal based on their destination:

Special Assistance Valet

Free valet is available for patients and guests who require special assistance. The Special Assistance Valet entrance is located on Capitol Avenue between 28th and 29th streets.

Patient Registration

If you are arriving for a procedure or to be admitted into the hospital, please proceed to Registration which is located in the lobby of the Women's and Children's Center.
Pediatric (Blue) Portal
Level 2: Pediatric Patient Care Unit, Gift Shop
Level 3: Pediatrics Patient Care Unit (oncology), Pediatric Intensive Care, Pediatric Day Unit

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