NEW Type 1 Diabetes

1. Call 916.426.1902 as soon as possible, during office hours, to make an appointment to see our providers within the first week of discharge.

 Please Review General information and fill up the mandatory registration form for the first visit before going to the section below:    

a. New Patients SHOULD complete this online Registration if you have not done it already!    

b. Bring the complete name & address for your primary care provider doctor, parent/guardian ID, any legal guardian paperwork & insurance information    

c. Bring written records of the blood sugars    

d. Bring all the diabetes supplies - we will verify and put in orders for new supplies.    

e. Bring a list of questions which you need answers for regarding the diabetes management

2. First few days: Every morning at 6:00, call us at 916.426.1902 and use the pager number on the answering machine to page the doctor. Be prepared to give us the previous 24 hours of blood sugars so that we can discuss insulin dose adjustments. 

3. Keep a written record (and bring it to your office visits all the time) of your child’s blood sugars, insulin doses, and exercise in a logbook or journal. This will make it easier to learn how your child responds to day-to-day activities. 

4. EMERGENCIES:  If life threatening call 911 Non emergency but urgent call 916.426.1902, anytime 24/7, and then follow the prompts to page one of our providers, if you feel you need help. This is a free courtesy service (insurance does not pay for this service) to give you access and support; you will always speak to one of our providers and not to a third-party call service. During office hours call the office.

5. Call your child’s school or daycare provider and find out what they will need to support your child in school. Forms are available for you to download on the main page.

6. Learn about CCS—California Children's Services. Your child could be eligible for a special state program that would help you pay for their care until they reach age 21.

7. Social Media: 

Type 1 diabetes facebook pageT

ype 1 Diabetes - Teen and Young adults Facebook page

Type 1 diabetes little kids facebook pageCenter of Excellence Facebook page

 8. Learn about your support team of nurses, dietitians, and social workers—the PENS team9. Call your insurance provider to find out the best way to get supplies (mail order vs. local pharmacy). Keep track of changes in your insurance plans for preferred brands (their “formulary”).10. Our preferred mail-order pharmacy is MINI PHARMACY. But you can choose to use your pharmacy of choice- mail order or local - JUST keep us updated.