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Pediatric Endocrine Resources (Recursos endocrinos pediátricos)

Patient Educational Information - Click here for a list of Helpful Websites

Fact vs. Myth

  • Adrenal Fatigue  - "Adrenal Fatigue" is not a real medical condition.  There is no test that can detect adrenal here to see the full article.  Published by The Endocrine Society
  • Wilsons Temperature Syndrome - "Wilson's Temperature Syndrome" is not an accepted medical diagnosis based on scientific here to see the full article.  Published by The Endocrine Society

Click on the links below for helpful information you can print, download or read online


  • Acromegaly - published by The Hormone Foundation (English / Spanish)

Adrenal Diseases


Growth Hormone Deficiency - 



Thyroid Diseases

Other Health Issues

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