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Insulin Pump Process Guide

Pump Trial.
Call the pump company/territory manager to set up a pump trial. Your child will have the opportunity to borrow a pump and wear it with saline. You may want to trial multiple pumps as this will help you decide which pump is best for your child. This is not a complete pump training, simply an introduction to what the pump has to offer. Please check with your insurance regarding out of pocket expenses for the pump and classes. Some pump brands are not approved by all insurances.

PENS Team Appointment for Pre-Pump Appointment.
Meet with a panel of experts to discuss how to transition to the pump. The Pens Team will be obtaining important information that is required by insurance companies to get the pump approved including documentation of testing at least four times/ day. You will also discuss who will be managing the insulin pump, knowledge of carbohydrate counting, ability to demonstrate safe diabetes management skills, readiness of family/child to manage the pump, and most importantly, acceptance by the child. After all goals are met the team notifies the doctor that the child has completed the preliminary steps necessary for ordering the insulin pump.

Meet with the Endocrinologist to obtain your “Letter of Medical Necessity”.
This letter is sent directly to the pump company and will begin the process of getting your pump authorized. The pump company works directly with your insurance company during this process. The doctor will not prescribe pump if you have not seen them in the last month.
Pump is delivered

Once the pump arrives at your home, contact Janeka at (916) 887-4865 to sign up for a rate telephone appointment and pump classes.

Start or wear your continuous glucose monitor –
We would like all patients who have a cgm to be wearing it before rates are calculated. If you have a Medtronic pump, you need to call Sonya at 917-209-6725 to make appt to start guardian sensor. This will be done as a group the last Tuesday of every month from 1-3pm at CEDE.
Phone Rate Appointment - (1 week before pump start)

Phone appointment with a Diabetes Educator to calculate your pump rates and settings.

This class is offered the second Thursday of every month from 9am-3pm. Insulin is put into the pump for the first time and the child is monitored closely throughout day. The morning session will include comprehensive training on how to use your pump. Important educational sessions occur from the team. Clinical pump trainers are also available part of the day to support their clients during this initiation.
Pump Start- Class #2.
This class is offered from 9am-12pm the third Thursday of every month. Blood sugars are reviewed from the first week of wearing the pump and changes are made to the pump if necessary. Educational sessions occur as well.
* If you wear a Medtronic 670G, you will get started on Auto Mode at the end of this class.
PENS Team Contact information
To schedule appointment: 916-887-4865
To speak to a clinician: 916-887-4818
Insulin Pump Companies
Medtronic Minimed.(www.medtronicminimed.com )
Make an appointment with Mike Mufich (916)759-2648
Omnipod (www.myomnipod.com )
Make an appointment with Gary Yamada (209)914-1888
Tandem Diabetes (www.tandemdiabetes.com)
Make an appointment with:

How are people successful with their pump start?
 They test 4 or more times a day and change insulin when noticing patterns.
 They give all the insulin prescribed by the doctor before starting the pump
 They know how to count carbohydrates
 They get educated by pump experts and continue to see the PENS team after pump start

Steps to take to get ready for the insulin pump:
1. Research the pumps and schedule a trial with 1 or more companies
2. Meet with the PENS team for your Pre-Pump Appointment
3. Meet with your doctor to get the prescription written
4. Schedule classes with the PENS team to get started with insulin in your pump

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