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General Resources
1.       CALIFORNIA CHILDREN SERVICES: : California Children's Services (CCS) is a state program for children with certain diseases or health problems. Through this program, children up to 21 years old can get the health care and services they need. CCS will connect you with doctors and trained health care people who know how to care 
6.       Diabetes Dictionary:
7.       The National Diabetes Education Program The National Diabetes Education Program is a federally-sponsored initiative that involves public and private partners to improve the treatment and outcomes for people with type 1 diabetes, to promote early diagnosis, and to prevent the onset of diabetes.

11.   Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:
12.   Choose My Plate : Resource for planning food and nutrition

15.   RISK ANALYSIS for diabetes:
17.   PATIENT Information- BEYOND BASICS: Preventing Complications - Patient Information

Videos for quick learning:
1.       American Diabetes Association: ADA Diabetes Channel

12.   Center of Disease Control: Diabetes and Healthy lifestyle videos CDC Healthy Lifestyle videos
13.   National Institute of Health Videocast:  Videocasts on lectures and recent advances
14.   Diabetes Medications – What do they mean:
15.   Physical Activity Videos: Watch these Videos
Newly Diagnosed WITH DIABETES:
2.       Diabetes Word Search: Diabetes Word Search
3.       GLUCAGON: Glucagon kit and uses
4.       How to use an insulin Pen: Using insulin pen - multiple videos

Hypoglycemia (low Blood sugar) Symptoms and Management:
1.       15 minute rule for low sugar management: Mayo Clinic Resource
2.       15 minute rule PDF file: PDF file on 15 minute rule
4.       Hypoglycemia – Information for ADA : Low sugar information from American Diabetes Association
5.       How to use Glucagon:
7.       Videos of giving glucagon: Glucagon Injection technique Video and Another video on Glucagon

Food and Exercise Related Information:
Physical Activity Info in English:

Mobile Apps:

Calorie King:
Glucose Test Meters Comparison:
2.       Lancets and Lancing Devices: Learn about Lancets and Lancing Devices
Insulin Pumps and Glucose Sensors:
Informational Site:
Comparing Infusion Sets:
Interesting Links to Diabetes and Insulin Pumps:
Medtronic Pumps and Sensors:
Medtronic Data Connecting Center – CARELINK:

Omnipod Data Connecting Center –CoPilot - Management Software
Accucheck- Combo
Dexcom Glucose Sensor:

U-500 Insulin: Concentrated Insulin ( 1 unit = 5 units of insulin)
1.       Veteran Administration Note:
2.       U-500 information from Lilly:
3.       Using U-500 from diabetes care:
Diabetes Camp Care:
3.       Diabetes Camp Locator
Pediatric to Adult Transition:
1.       Excellent resource form NDEP website
2.       Transition Planning Checklist:
3.       Multiple Resources for various aspects of Transition Care:
School and Diabetes:
1.       What is needed in School:
3.       American Diabetes Association- Safe at School:
4.       JDRF School Info:
College and Diabetes:
2.       American Diabetes Association: a 74 page booklet –A Must Have:
3.       College Diabetes Network:
4.       Diabetes Scholars Foundation:
Adult Type 1 Diabetes:
LADA (Latent autoimmune Diabetes in adults Basics of LADA
Learn Your Rights
DREDF: this is a not for profit organization with excellent diabetes related resources Diabetes and Rights
Split custody in Divorced Parents and Child with Diabetes:
Kidney Disease and Diabetes:
1.       Urine Microalbuminuria – The test:
2.       Albuminuria - an Overview:
3.       Kidney Disease and Diabetes – a PDF booklet:
4.       Enalapril In English
5.       Enalapril in Spanish
Alcohol and Diabetes:
1.       Scientific Article:
3.       Do’s and Don’ts: WEBMD
Complications in Diabetes:
Sports and Diabetes:
Research and Diabetes:
1.       TRIAL NET Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet is an international network of researchers who are exploring ways to prevent, delay and reverse the progression of type 1 diabetes.
2.       Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow:
Travel and Diabetes:
International Travel and Diabetes
Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes:
4.       CFRD a guide to parents
Pregnancy and Type 1 Diabetes
1.       American Diabetes Association: Diabetes and Pregnancy - Prenatal care
3.       Research Review Paper on Pregnancy and Type 1 DM: Scientific Review Paper
Celiac Disease:
2.       Kid Central: Focusing on Children and Celiac:
3.       Excellent printable PDF’s are available here:
4.       Diet and Lifestyle: Information about gluten free diet and Medications are listed here:
5.       Diabetes and Celiac: This link in Celiac Diabetes Relationship AND the JDRF site
6.       Gluten Free Restaurants:
7.       Gluten Free Diet:
8.       Link to multiple Gluten Free resources:
9.       Associated Autoimmune conditions in Celiac:
Thyroid Disease:
1.       American Thyroid Association:
2.       Specific Information of thyroid conditions:
3.       National Metabolic and Endocrine Information:
4.       CELIAC and THYROID together:
5.       THYROID information (Spanish) :
6.       Hashimoto’s thyroiditis:
7.       Medline Plus: Medline Hashimoto thyroiditis in English
8.       Medline Plus: Spanish: Hashimoto thyroiditis in Spanish
Vitamin D Deficiency

Type 2 Diabetes and Children
2.       National Diabetes education program - Information in English and Spanish:
3.       ADA consensus Statement – published in 2000: Consensus Statement
Medication in Type 2 Diabetes:
High Blood Pressure in Children
9.       Lipid Lowering Drugs
14.   Heart Healthy Food – A PDF file

Healthy Life Style Information:
1.       Body and Mind from CDC Designed for kids 9-13 years old, BAM! Body and Mind gives them the information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices. 
2.       Teacher Handouts
4. : This Web site features practical information and tips to help Americans build healthier diets

Fruits and Vegetables

Interactive Tools – MEDLINE PLUS – English and Spanish : Click on this link to see the list of free online tutorials – Spanish version available for everyone of them

1.       American Diabetes Association – Spanish Facebook page info:
2.       Humalog Resource in Spanish:
4.       American Diabetes Association:
5.       Centers for Disease Control
6.       National Diabetes Education Program
7.       National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
9.       National Diabetes education program - Information in English and Spanish:
11.   National Agricultural Library: Multiple links in Spanish
13.   Nutrition information in Spanish:
14.   Choose My Plate in Spanish:

22.   Interactive Tools – Search MEDLINE PLUS – English and Spanish
23. : Click on this link to see the list of free online tutorials – Spanish version available for everyone of them

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